Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

Gaining more by doing less.


The rise of the Virtual Assistant 

The role of a secretary has been occupied in society since the Renaissance period but it wasn’t until many centuries later, in 1996 that the term virtual assistant first appeared in the industry.

As broadband became more accessible, e-commerce start-ups emerged, cloud based software and companies developed into the 2000’s, so did the need for businesses to strategically outsource tasks to save time and money, giving the virtual assistant industry momentum to grow worldwide.

Fast forward to today and with the help of developed technology, software, and applications such as, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft 365, Box and social media platforms there are thousands of virtual assistants effectively supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and busy individuals every day with a variety of services. The industry has grown so much so, that we have an international virtual assistant’s association and even have an internationally recognised day in the calendar dedicated to us!

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Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant