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Entrepreneur? SME? FT500? No matter what the size of your business is or what stage your business is currently in, every organisation needs efficient support to thrive.

Spend more time focusing on your business priorities by outsourcing various business tasks to Virtually Everywhere, any time you need to.

Calendar Management

We can help establish your daily routine by managing your diary, which allows you to optimise your time. For example, organising in person, video or conference meetings, resolving meeting conflicts, scheduling in white space, setting reminders etc.

In other words, we’ll help you find that work life balance.

Events Management

Three day conference for 20 delegates or end of year party for 500 employees, we can manage all the planning from start to finish. Including, sourcing locations, ordering catering, providing custom printed material, creating agendas, organising entertainment, managing budgets and live event representation.

This is not only our forte but personally our favourite task too!

Inbox Management

Having your calendar up to date is one thing but having your busy overflowing inbox organised is another!

We can efficiently manage your inbox by flagging and categorising e-mails, creating sub-folders, rules, distribution lists and even promptly responding on your behalf.

Travel Management

Post-pandemic, you’ll finally be able to meet that important client in person and attend that business convention. Leave us to make your journey seamless by finding competitive deals and booking your flights / trains, accommodation and transfers for you.

We’ll send you a detailed itinerary (including useful information on your destination) as well as add the trip to your calendar. We can even arrange your visa, insurance and currency.

All you need to do is pack a bag!

Customer Service

The focal point of every company; the customer. Let us help you reach out to engage with and hear your customers.

We can manage e-mail correspondence, make and receive calls, schedule appointments and respond to customer enquiries to build a successful long term rapport between you and them.

Expense Management

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, expense management is a must.

It allows you to accurately budget and forecast, see all expenses in real-time and be prepared for end of year financials; giving you complete control over your company’s finances. We can reconcile your business expenses in a timely manner, including processing receipts and paying employee expenses, on your in-house system or software products like Concur and Expensify.


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Lifestyle Management

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