Virtual Assistant Essential Services


Getting more done. 


Yes, you need to oversee every aspect of your business to make it a success, but do you also need to personally complete each task? Of course not. You need to delegate all that you can to your virtual assistant instead.

Virtually Everywhere can complete all essential administrative tasks you need completed, so you have more time to focus on developing and growing your business.


We can proofread any document, website page, blog post or social media content before you hit the send or post button. We’ll look out for spelling and grammatical errors and can even track the changes we make.


We offer audio and video translation and ensure we accurately transcribe every word we hear (even the errr’s and hmmm’s if you want.)

We do not charge per minute, just our usual hourly rate, but please note it approximately takes 1 hour to transcribe 15 mins of speech.

Online Research

We can research anything you need to know as better decisions are made after knowing all the facts. We can compile a list of contacts or relevant articles, conduct a competitive analysis or even research vendor quotes for you.

Editing & Formatting Documents

We have advanced Word, Excel and Powerpoint skills and can easily save you time by editing and formatting a document for you. We are used to working to tight deadlines and receiving last minute requests.

Payments & Invoicing

Can’t keep up with invoices and payments to make or chase?

We can process, issue, and track invoices for you. Making sure you get paid on time and so do your vendors.

Sourcing and Ordering Services & Supplies

It's time consuming finding the perfect suppliers and supplies for your business that are both efficient and cost effective. Simply tell us what you need and what your budget is and leave the searching and ordering to us.

Meeting Minutes

We can join your meeting and quietly note down all that is said during it. Attendees, issues raised, tasks to action and a record of the most important points are noted in shorthand before accurately being typed, formatted and sent to you.

Data Entry

It’s a mundane task but someone must do it, right? We are happy to be that someone! Years of practice in updating and entering data has given us a high level of accuracy and speed whilst paying attention to every little detail.

Business Support

Helping your business grow. 

Ready to get more done?

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Lifestyle Management

Making more time for you.