5 Apps every small business should be using right now!

It’s true, there is an app for almost anything now! Some are not incredibly reliable or useful, like apps that check your blood pressure, and some we simple can’t imagine our lives without. Aka WhatsApp. (Anyone even use the term SMS anymore?)

There are many incredibly efficient and time saving apps that you should be using for your business to help you remain organised and productive. This blog will highlight 5 such apps which have both seamless desktop and mobile versions that every small business should be using right now.

1. WAVE - Financial Software

Accounting, Invoicing, Payments and Receipts are the main products Wave offers for your business. A one stop shop for you to track your incoming and outgoing expenses, scan and upload your receipts from a mobile app and even create branded invoices for your customers and track if they have been paid. Wave is very user friendly, reliable, secure and lets you manage your money efficiently. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE to use. It’s a must use for every SME and Entrepreneur.

2. CALENDLY – Scheduling Tool

Have you ever e-mailed back and forth with someone on the best date and time to schedule a meeting? Annoying, isn’t it? Calendly allows you to add your availability and preferences to a calendar, share a link of that calendar to anyone you want to schedule a meeting with for them to select the time they want and Voila, a meeting is scheduled in your calendar. Yes, it really is that simple!

It integrates with your existing calendar (on Google, Outlook etc.), has time zone detection and supports any type of meeting you want to organize like a 1:1 or a group meeting. The basic package, which will definitely help you get started is Free and the next package up is only 8 USD / 6 GBP a month.

3. BOX – Cloud Storage

Like many other cloud storage apps, like Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive, BOX also allows you to store many files whilst collaborating on them with others. So then why BOX you may ask. Well, for starters, it’s much simpler to use!

Someone you want to collaborate with on a file does not even need a BOX account to work on that file with you, you can track changes being made in real time or you can lock a file so no one else works on it whilst you do, you can mark Boxes (aka folders) as favorites for easy access and amend the level of access others have to it. Such as, they can be a viewer only or a co-owner. There are many such features that make the user experience harmonious. If you are not using BOX already to store and collaborate on all your business documents and files, then give it a try as its basic and good enough package is Free to use!

4. CANVA – Graphic Design Platform

We all need to bring out our creative sides, especially for our business, and Canva is the best place to help you create what you need! Social media posts for various platforms, posters, flyers, videos and so forth. The list of what you can create is endless, just like the number of templates, elements, and features Canva has to make your life easier. In addition, you can schedule your posts to your social media via Canva, save your branded colors and fonts and download and duplicate your designs.

Most of us have used Canva already but if you run your own business, I would strongly recommend you use Canva regularly and get the max out of all that this app has to offer! The basic Free package is good but most businesses upgrade to Canva Pro to access more features for 10.99 GBP a month.

5. TRELLO – Collaboration Tool

I know, I know…another collaboration tool?! But this one you’ll definitely want to use again and again! Trello, a Kanban-style list-making application, allows you and your team to collaborate and organize any small or big project. Create a board for a new project or task, add in lists to help with the workflow like To Do, Doing, Done, then add cards with the tasks you need to complete or items you need to organize within the workflow. You can add as much detail as you want to each board! Add attachments, assign team members, make comments and labels etc. It’s the perfect way to project manage on the go!

The free version is good enough to get started or you can upgrade to Business Class for 9.99 USD / 7.50 GBP per month. Trello makes its visually clear to see your workflow and list of tasks, its a fun way of collaborating with your team and staying on top of your to do list.

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